Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fashion fights poverty - Fashion show

Fashion fights poverty: BeadforLife

An ethical fashion showcase benefitting BeadForLife in celebration of the 61st Anniversary of the United Nations and was held as part of UN week.

Fair trade amongst fashion designers has taken off in the UK over the last year, Stella McCartney is a big example of a ethical fashion designer. Ethical consumerism set to follow in the US too in a big way. Vogue has devoted 10 pages to ethical clothing in the lead up to London Fashion Week which included an exhibition space dedicated to 13 ethical labels. Ethical labels are finally losing their baggy unflattering image and desginers such as columbian Maria Luisa Ortiz and Bono's wife Ali Hewson are changing that.

Ethical fashion projects target people in third world countries by encouraging production in an ethical way, for example by not using suppliers who employ lowely paid workers who endure poor working conditions. Fair Trade clothing is often uses production method that are kinder to the environment.