Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sourcing Eco-Fashion at one of the World's largest Fashion Trade Shows

Fashion buyers all over USA will be descending to MAGIC, one of the largest most preeminent trade show in the international fashion industry, which takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center this weekend. Fashion retailers credit MAGIC as the #1 resource in the world in discovering new vendors. So, it is a great to know that this year MAGIC is premiering the ECOLLECTION. ECOLLECTION at MAGIC is a juried selection of approximately 70 environmentally and socially conscious exhibitors. The exhibit represents the most inclusive eco arena in the business, featuring a powerful and targeted buying and selling opportunity, educational programs and activities led by industry notables, networking and entertainment to further the growth of the eco fashion community.

ECOLLECTION at MAGIC’s momentum pointedly indicates a shift in consciousness and strategies throughout the marketplace. Knowing that many of our favourite boutiques and high street stores will be browsing eco vendors for their Fall/Winter lines is truly a huge step to mainstreaming this niche but growing part of the industry. This represents the potential tha eco-fashion has to compete with vendors and suppliers in the mainstream. Let's hope that the ECOLLECTION at MAGIC continues to feature and grow as a prominent part of the trade show in the future.