Friday, September 19, 2008

Can fashion be combined with Corporate Social Responsibility?

The above is the topic of discussion at the House of Sweden on Thursday October 2nd, followed by a catwalk show on Friday 3rd October to showcase Nudie Jeans recycled Denim.

At the seminar “Clothing and Conscience”, founder and designer of Nudie Jeans Maria Levin will talk about her passions and visions. At the seminar a panel of leading Swedish and American companies and organizations in the field will discuss sustainable fashion in connection with corporate social responsibility. Worn-out jeans have been given a new life by young Swedish designers in a project called “Recycled Denim Maniacs”. On October 3rd you can see the fantastic costumes on the catwalk at House of Sweden.

Since 2001 the Swedish brand Nudie Jeans has been producing jeans in premium denim. Nudie Jeans chooses its suppliers and partners with great care. For every season the number of garments made from organic cotton increases. Nudie Jeans has been supporting Amnesty International since 2001. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights 30 artists were asked to interpret the 30 articles. The artworks ended up on T-shirts sold for the benefit of Amnesty International. So far they have received more than 325.000 US dollars. The artworks will be exhibited at House of Sweden during the event on October 3rd.

In preparation for the Recycling Denim event, F4D gives you some tips on recycling your old jeans,

How to Recycle Denim

1) Fix them up - Did you know you can have your jeans repaired with the threads resewn into them to repair them. Visit Denim Therapy to find out more about having your jeans repaired.

2). Recycle them - for example a movement that is collecting old denim jeans to turn into insulation to be used in Habitat for Humanity houses.

3) Hold your own denim drive. Contact your local Habitat for Humanity and find out how to hold denim drive and donate your jeans.

4). If you live in the UK, you can have them made into sandals for you - is a UK company that turns your old jeans into your new sandals.

To attend the House of Sweden events please RSVP to by September 30th