Monday, March 21, 2011

Trash as clothing

Have you ever considered wearing a dress made out of tires? It would be quite  different and the dress would be a tough thing to sew together – you would need a pretty strong and hefty sewing machine in order to accomplish that task – so most likely the response from most people would be a no. Yet, it is a unique proposal that makes one wonder… In our easy-come, easy-go society, where after buying groceries from the store and carrying home in the paper bag, or consuming that store-bought sandwich wrapped in plastic wrapping, we simply throw the paper and plastic into the recycle bin (some unfortunately still throw it in the trash) and go about our day without an afterthought to what we have done. Pretty quickly, with so many people doing the same thing, the recycle bins fill up and the trash items spill over and we are faced with an environmental problem, which could have been prevented had we not been so wired to constantly consume.  

But, taking into consideration that our society is already prewired to overconsume, what if we could make a few positive tweaks to change our situation for the better? Instead of recycling all of the items we could put them to use. I honestly would find it hard to wear a dress made out of tires, but one made out of old ties craftily put together, or old pieces of fabric artistically patterned to create a dress or a skirt would definitely be something I would not say no to. What about you?

If you would like to see more pictures of trash being worn as a piece of clothing, check out Avantgarb{age}, The Art in Wearing Trash, a collaboration between an Argentine designer Aidana Baldassarre and photographer Caitlin Kelly.