Sunday, December 10, 2006

DC Fashionista: Our first event

Our first event was a huge success. I was there promoting Fashion for Development and showcased Pangea's holiday gifts. I support the business goals of Pangea and really believe using fair trade to promote the work of local communities really bring out the best way to ensure future development in developing countries. I also believe, that in general, locally made products are much more unique and as such can really make an outfit look really stylish.

Pangea, which means “all lands”, is a celebration and tribute to the spirit and resilience of artisans in developing countries, mainly women.

These artists use traditional handicraft techniques to produce exquisite, high-end fashion accessories and home d├ęcor products - while they have almost no opportunity to use their dynamic skills to generate income for their families.

Pangea is located in DC, at 21st and Pennsylvania.

P.S Bonnie I totally salute your corset belts - I love the one you altered for me - thank you!!

Here is a link to Bonnie's blog

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Anonymous said...

Priya, it was great meeting you at the DC Fashionista event. It's wonderful that you had a table for Pangea--I think those of us in the fashion and beauty sectors need to be aware of these issues. It has truly opened my eyes and made me appreciate the sacrifices that many citizens in countries around the world make in the name of fashion. Keep up the good work!