Thursday, September 13, 2007

International Ethical Fashion Show

You all know about the last one so come and support this one. This time were are branching out from just fair trade in to an "Ethical Show" which encompasses eco chic.

The Ethical Fashion Industry is worth $80 million in UK alone and is growing rapidly in the USA too. Buying organic produce, hybrid cars, and fair trade coffee used to be cutting edge, but it's now common practice among environmentally conscious consumers to be eco fashionable too. It’s now chic to be green and with hemp, organic materials and ethnic jewelry all the rage, there is no better time for fashion to embrace social awareness. The mainstream fashion industry is actively looking for eco and fair trade brands, following a clear demand from consumers for more socially conscious clothing. The International Ethical Fashion Show is the first mainstream fashion, in Washington DC, to focus solely on ethical brands. With the right mix of international cultures, glamour, and development interest, Washington DC is fast becoming a premiere location to shop for ethical fashion brands.

The International Ethical Fashion show is proud to be supported by the Washington DC Fashion Council. The WDC Fashion Council was founded in 2006. Its mission is to brand DC as a consumer friendly destination by creating a thriving fashion industry, promoting the city's unique retailers and fashion designing talent and helping it's members grow their businesses.

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