Monday, June 16, 2008

Primark - something didn't add up?

I haveto admit that I have bought the odd thing or 2 from Primark, but even I am shocked at the recent investigation uncovering Primark’s use of child laborers. When I go into my Primark I often scratch my head at how cheap some of the items are in there, surely something has to give?

A Panaroma investigation recently proved my suspicion. They found that child laborers in India were being used in carrying out embroidery and sequin work. Illegal sub-contracting had taken place, and Primark stated that it only accounted for 0.04% of the retailers sourcing.

Primark says that it will terminate relations with suppliers guilty of transgressions and those unwilling to make changes.

Unfortunately the addiction that people have to shopping is having damaging effects, we are buying 1/3 more clothes than a decade ago and we are paying for them at ridiculously cheaper prices than ever before. Places like Primark are filling that demand, but we as the consumers need to stop and think that buying clothes will have to cost a bit more if they are going to reflect their toll on the environment and people who make them.

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