Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Feedback on your designs

If you are a new designer who has just entered the eco market and are interested in getting feedback on your line/brand then read on.

I have worked with many producing co-op's and artisanal designers and as their eco advocate I want nothing more than to see them succeed onto mainstream brands. However nobody ever gets it perfect first time round, and business is about accepting some defeats in the pursuit of success.

Some of these eco brands do always have what we fashionistas are looking for. This is mainly because such producing co-op ultimately hope that people will be buy (and should buy) their product because it is eco or socially responsible. Whilst that may be responsible for a new customer, rarely will such a strategy turn into repeat orders/sales.

In this increasingly competitive environment, spurred on by the "survival of the fittest" in the economic downturn, I feel it is important for new designers as well as exisiting designers to re-evaluate how their lines compare to mainstream labels, with respect to price, wearability and current trends.

If you are interested in have a discussion about your brand and getting feedback from fashion buyers, fellow designers, customers and marketing experts please email

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