Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday shopping feel good buy

Working in development, its hard not to feel conflicted about spending lots of money over the holidays for presents and clothes I don't need (though I must admit I do confuse want and need a lot more than I should!). However, I recently discovered Kate Spade's new line of mittens and hats knitted by women from war torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2005, kate spade new york and Women for Women International have been working together to promote micro-enterprises for women in the still recovering communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. Roughly a third of Bosnia and Herzegovina's workforce is unemployed. The slow recovering economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has left women especially vulnerable, as they struggle to earn a living in the face of an unemployment rate reaching over 50 percent.

Starting in November 2009, the winter collection of kate spade new york will feature merchandise hand-crafted by WfWI graduates in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The women, who have received a year of rights and vocational skills training at the hands of Women for Women International.

Suddenly shopping for winter woolies does feel more like a need.

Read more on the partnership of WfWI and Kate Spade and shop at here

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