Sunday, November 28, 2010

The free fashion challenge

By Fidan Karimova

15 fashion addicts and no shopping for one year...What? Doesn’t a no-shopping policy go against the fashionista’s mantra? Not according to the Free Fashion Challenge, launched November 11, 2010. The idea of the challenge is to have fashion addicts go a whole year without buying a single new item of clothing, in order to have them rediscover the pieces they already have in their closets.

As based on the information from the video on the challenge, 80% of the time people only wear 20% of the clothes. The rest most likely gets lost under a pile of newly bought outfits. As the challenge continues, in addition to checking up on the status of the participants on the website, we could take the time to change our own shopping behavior, help the environment in the process and simultaneously save money – seems like a sound plan.

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F4D said...

I believe that every person can relate to this, we all over purchase and I just purged my closet, in anticipation of my move to Europe. It is very true that we do not need everything we own