Sunday, February 7, 2010

Broken Record?

I have recently being doing some soul searching, partly as I start to wind down from time in Washington and the States and I figure out my next steps. Looking back at the last 4 years since the birth of Fashion4Development I am extremely proud of all out achievements, which include introducing the concept of development in Fashion at the World Bank and solidifying eco as must have in DC Fashion Week.

However, with another Eco Runway show as part of DC Fashion Week coming up on February 15th, I wonder how the message has changed. When I started F4D, we were at the height of cheap, throw away fashion - 3 years and an economic recession later are we just back to where we started? I can't help but wonder. In addition with DC being so transient, I wonder whether I am just preaching the same message to different groups of people who come and go, and each year. In short am I in danger of sounding like a broken record?

Readers - I would love to hear your thoughts.


Sugar Bailey said...

I say don't give up, broken records are eventually heard. The socio-economic barriers in Dc are brittle and hard to break through but I have faith that eco-friendly fashion will soon be hot and happening, you at the top of the tidal wave because of your perseverance. :)

Fashion4Development said...

thank you Sugar!